Welcome Auburndale Athletes and parents!

Stories By Birdie has partnered with PhotoDay

to transform picture day into an easy, enjoyable experience for athletes and their families!

First things first! Pay attention to emails to recieve your gallery links and gallery access codes.

This is the only way you will be able to view your photos!

  • Pick your favorites: See your photos before you purchase.
  • No Paper, No Problem: Say goodbye to paper order forms and hello to simple, online ordering.
  • Secure & Convenient: View and order your photos securely from the comfort of your home anytime.
  • Choose Your Packages: It's easy to build packages with your favorite pose, image or products.
  • Create & Customize: Personalize your prints and specialty items to make the uniquely yours.
  • Contactless Delivery: Track your orders directly to your doorstep.
  • A Whole Family Affair: Does Grandma or Aunt Kathy want their own button too? You can share the gallery with other family members to make their own orders and have them delivered directly to their doors, too!

The best part? You can do all this and more right from your phone, tablet or computer!

Let's capture your athlete's best game face like it's never been captured before!

Now please watch the video below to get familiar with how the ordering system will work this year.

The process:

  1. Opt into the gallery using your access code.
  2. After texting your gallery access code, you will receive a link to your child's photo gallery. (This is if you have already pre-registered.))
  3. Once your images are completed you'll receive a text notification that they are ready to view and purchase.
  4. Choose your favorite photos.
  5. Order custom prints, packages, and products right from your phone, tablet or computer. IF you participated in pre-registering and purchased Advance Pay Credits, it will automatically be applied to your purchase as long as you use the same phone number for both transactions.
  6. Track your order right to your door and enjoy!

If you have any questions you can contact me at Hello@StoriesByBirdie.com